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As damp treatment specialists based in Worcester, it is obvious to us how rising damp, on an interior or exterior wall, can spoil the appearance of your property. The problems do not stop there, because rising damp is associated with numerous other health problems, which can have damaging, long-term impacts if not dealt with quickly.

As well as this, any timbers around the masonry impacted by rising damp will be at a high risk of wet or dry rot, and the water in the wall will carry hydroscopic ground salts, which can cause a rise in condensation within the property.

Rising Damp Worcester

Damp Proofing Solutions has a staff of friendly, knowledgeable specialists, who will arrive on the job in less than an hour. From the moment that they set foot in your home, our expert, skilled surveyors and technicians will ensure that identifying the problem, and resolving it to your complete satisfaction, is their top priority. We guarantee that we will transform any damp property into a cosy, dry home.

Damp Proofing Solutions have a forty year legacy of highly skilled, expert service in Worcester and other areas. We help thousands of people each and every year to treat the damp in their homes.

Rising Damp Worcester

Rising Damp Solutions

The action of water seeping upward into the ground floor of a property is known as “capillary”. The soil beneath the foundations of the property is soaked with moisture, which rises upward through the masonry into the walls of your home. Houses ought to have a damp course to prevent this, but it may well be absent or have deteriorated over time. Once it reaches the walls of a property, the damp can rise to nearly a metre high in bad cases. This water carries mineral salts with it, which will be left as a residue on the wall when the moisture evaporates. These salts can cause the deterioration of internal plaster and ruin decorative surfaces.

In other words, your house begins to soak up ground water from the ground around it like an enormous sponge, causing a whole host of issues.

Typical causes of rising damp:

  • No damp proof course was ever installed
  • The damp proof course beneath the property has deteriorated (or was ineptly installed)
  • Walls have been re-plastered badly
  • The internal ground level of the property is lower than the external ground level, allowing water to seep over the damp proof course (known as “bridging”)

Thanks to modern construction methods, Damp Proofing Solutions can completely eliminate any rising damp in your home. The first step is to remove any remaining damp plaster from the wall, and then inject a remedial Dry-Zone damp proof course into the mortar. This cream (a chemical solution) will disperse into the line of the mortar and create a brand new damp course that will prevent damp from rising up through it in the future.

With the source of the rising moisture stopped, any damaged walls should be re-plastered with a chemical agent that retards the mineral salts deposited by the damp. Otherwise, a damp proof membrane should be installed to stop any residual salts in the masonry from damaging the brand new plasterwork being placed on top of it.

Damp Proofing Solutions’ highly-skilled surveyors have decades of experience spotting and targeting the potential causes of rising damp in your home. After all of the areas affected by your damp problem have been identified, we will test thoroughly to establish the precise source of the rising damp. Once we know the origin of the problem, we can check the levels of moisture in your walls, and suggest appropriate, expert advice and solutions.

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