Rising Damp Treatment

Damp proofing is a term referring to the process of applying protective barriers to the brickwork of properties preventing moisture from making its way to the interior of the property. One of the most common types of damp problems found in the home is rising damp.

Rising damp can be found to interior and exterior walls to ground level in properties, it is not only unsightly but can also trigger further problems within the property if left untreated, nearby timbers can be at high risk of wet rot & dry rot and condensations levels can increased due to the hydroscopic ground salts it carries along with it.

Typical causes of rising damp:

  • Complete absence of damp proof course from construction of property
  • Break down of existing damp proof course due to age or poor installation
  • Incorrect method of re-plastering
  • Bridging, when external ground level is higher than the internal level

Detecting and identifying rising damp:

Our surveyors have years of experience in diagnosing the cause of all damp problems, firstly we will identify all problem areas and go about multiple checks to determine the first cause of the damp. We will then test walls for the amount of damp they are holding and offer our advice and solutions to the customer.

How rising damp gets into the home:

The foundations of a building are set into the earth and it is wet. Rainwater and groundwater can all cause the earth under a building to be damp. This moisture will soak into building materials and travel upwards due to capillary action. If there is nothing to stop it this water will travel all way into the building and up to a metre above ground level. Once there it can cause discolouration of the walls, paint and wallpaper will peel, the plaster will disintegrate and mould patches may form. The moisture can also carry some minerals with it and you may be able to see white salt crusts at the edges of damp areas.

To put it quite simply the wall of the property acts almost like a sponge as it soaks up the moisture from below.

Our solution:

The solutions for treatment of rising damp have come a long way with modern methods which allow us to eradicate the problem for good. After removing the existing contaminated plaster a new remedial Dry-Zone damp proof course will be injected into the mortar of the masonry, this cream like chemical solution disperses along the mortar line fusing to create a brand new damp course stopping any rising damp from passing through. The next step in or solution is re-plaster the walls using a chemical salt retardant agent or a damp proof membrane which prevents any salts remaining in the brickwork from contaminating the new plaster.

Call damp proofing solutions now or request a call back for a survey if you suspect rising damp within your home.

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