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We provide expert treatment for rising damp in Birmingham, we know the unpleasant visual impact that rising damp can have on property both internally and externally. Rising damp can also lead to health problems if not dealt with and these can have long-term impacts.

The associated problems of rising damp can include an increase in condensation, due to hydroscopic ground salts carried with the damp, and it can cause wet or dry rot on adjacent timbers.

Rising Damp Birmingham

We provide a quick, efficient and friendly service. Our qualified team with contain expert surveyors as well as technicians who will meticulously inspect the cause of your problem. Our teams really will do everything that they can to ensure you are satisfied from the minute that they arrive at your door until after they leave.

Damp Proofing Solutions guarantee that we will return your damp property to the warm, dry home that it is supposed to be.

Damp Proofing Solutions have built a reputation in Birmingham over 40 years for highly skilled and expert employees, who together have treat thousands of damp-related cases every year.

Rising Damp Birmingham

How We Fix Your Rising Damp

Rising damp will penetrate into the ground level of a property through capillary action – a process in which water slides upwards by sticking to the materials used to construct the building. Moisture in the earth beneath the foundations is drawn up through the masonry into the property, penetrating an absent or broken-down damp course, before rising through the walls to roughly a metre in height (depending on severity). This rising moisture carries mineral salts, which can sometimes be seen on the plaster when the excess moisture evaporates, leaving the salts behind. These salts often result in the breakdown of internal plaster and the spoiling of decorative surfaces.

Basically, the wall of your home acts like a mop, soaking up the water around it and spreading it throughout itself. The only way to fix this is to add a layer water cannot pass through. This layer must be positioned between the groundwater and your living space. This is the damp proof course and it can be a membrane or an injected liquid.

Why Have You Got Rising Damp?

Homes should be built with a layer of plastic or bitumen felt at least 15cm above the ground. This should be fused to a layer of membrane underneath the buildings ground floor. Together these materials form a continuous layer that is impermeable to water. If water can not pass through this layer then there is no way for damp to form in the living areas of a building. If the damp proof course was never fitted, was not fitted properly or has worn over time then water will be able to rise up into your home and cause damage.

Even if your damp proof layer is fitted properly and is good condition damp can still form by a process called ‘bridging’. If there is a way for water to come into contact with your home above the damp proof layer then it can soak into your walls causing damage. This can happen in lots of different situations; when paving or decking is laid incorrectly, earth is raised above the level of the damp proofing or materials are stacked or laid over the damp proofing.

Signs of damp can re-appear in properties that have benefitted from remedial damp proofing if the correct treatments were not used before re-plastering.

Can we fix it? Yes we can!

Modern construction methods allow us to completely resolve rising damp problems. All damaged material is disposed of and then a remedial liquid damp proof course is injected into your walls. This chemical soaks through the mortar and then dries into an intact damp course that will prevent any further moisture from passing through it.

The next job is to re-plaster the damaged walls with either a chemical agent that resists mineral salts or a damp proof membrane that will prevent the new plasterwork from being damaged by any residual salts in the wall.

With decades of collective experience, our surveyors will diagnose the precisie cause of your rising damp. Once we’ve targeted the problem area we will establish the degree of damp that has permeated your walls and offer the best advice and practical solutions.

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