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As damp treatment specialists based in Shrewsbury, we know all too well how rising damp can ruin the look of your property when it appears on your interior and exterior walls. Beyond appearance, rising damp is also associated with a number of health problems, which can have long-term effects on your family if left unresolved.

Alongside other problems, rising damp will generally create a high risk of dry or wet rot in the timbers around the affected area, and hydroscopic ground salts carried by the damp will lead to a rise in condensation.

Rising Damp Shrewsbury

Damp Proofing Solutions’ team of helpful, capable specialists will arrive on the job in under an hour. From the moment they arrive, our highly-skilled surveyors and technicians will do everything they can to identify the problem and ensure that you are completely satisfied with the service and solutions they provide. You can rest easy in the knowledge that your damp property will soon be a warm, dry home again.

For forty years, Damp Proofing Solutions have been building our reputation for highly skilled, expert service. Every year, we help thousands of people to solve their rising damp issues.

Rising Damp Shrewsbury

Rising Damp Solutions

The action by which rising damp can seep into the ground level of a property is called “capillary”. Moisture is absorbed up through the masonry from the soil underneath the foundations. To do this it must penetrate a property’s damp course, which will have broken down (or sometimes be entirely absent). The damp then seeps into a property’s walls and can rise, in the worst cases, to nearly a metre in height. This ground water contains mineral salts with it, which can be seen when the exposed moisture on the wall evaporates, leaving them behind. The damaged decorative surfaces and ruined internal plaster typical of rising damp is generally the result of mineral salts.

Put simply, your property’s walls will absorb water from the earth like a sponge, making them damp and causing lots of other problems.

Typical causes of rising damp:

  • The property was built without a damp proof course
  • The existing damp proof course has broken down over time or was badly installed
  • Re-plastering on the property was performed incorrectly
  • The external ground level of the property is higher than the internal ground level, and the damp proof course has been “bridged” (water is seeping over it)

Modern solutions have revolutionised the treatment of rising damp, allowing us to completely resolve the issue. First, any damp plaster must be removed, after which a remedial Dry-Zone damp proof course is injected into the mortar between the bricks. This chemical cream disperses into the line of the mortar, creating a new damp course that will stop any fresh moisture from rising up.

Once the source of the damp has been blocked off, the affected walls must be re-plastered with a salt-retardant chemical agent. Alternatively, a damp proof membrane can be used to keep any salts that remain in the wall itself from damaging the new plasterwork.

Our expert surveyors have years of experience identifying the precise causes of rising damp. Once we have identified all of the areas affected by the problem, we will run through a series of checks to establish the exact source of the damp. Then we will test the quantity of damp present in the masonry, so that we can offer appropriate, expert advice and solutions.

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