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As damp treatment specialists based in Birmingham, we know the unpleasant visual impact that rising damp can have on the interior and exterior walls of your property. Rising damp can also lead to health problems if not dealt with and these can have long-term impacts.

The associated problems of rising damp can include an increase in condensation, due to hydroscopic ground salts carried with the damp, and a high risk of wet or dry rot on adjacent timbers.

Rising Damp Birmingham

We arrive on the job in under an hour, providing quick, efficient and friendly service. Our expert team of surveyors and technicians will meticulously inspect the problem area and do everything that they can to ensure you are satisfied from the minute that they arrive at your door. Damp Proofing Solutions guarantee that we will return your damp property to the warm, dry home that it is supposed to be.

Since our humble start nearly 40 years ago, Damp Proofing Solutions have built a reputation in Birmingham for highly skilled and expert employees, who together treat thousands of damp-related cases every year.

Rising Damp Birmingham

Rising Damp Solutions

Rising damp will worm its way into the ground level of a property through a process known as “capillary”. Moisture in the earth beneath the foundations is drawn up through the masonry into the property, penetrating an absent or broken-down damp course, before rising through the walls to roughly a metre in height (depending on severity). This rising moisture carries mineral salts, which can sometimes be seen on the plaster when the excess moisture evaporates, leaving the salts behind. These salts often result in the breakdown of internal plaster and the spoiling of decorative surfaces.

In simpler terms, the wall of your home will act like a sponge, soaking up water from the ground beneath it.

Typical causes of rising damp:

  • The absence of damp proof course when the home was built
  • Deterioration present damp proof course due to age or inept construction
  • Improperly performed re-plastering
  • Bridging, when the internal ground level is lower than the external level

Treatment for rising damp has come a long way in recent years, and modern construction allows us to completely resolve the problem. Once the existing damp plaster has been removed, a remedial Dry-Zone damp proof course will be injected into the mortar in the wall. This chemical solution will disperse through the line of the mortar and create an intact damp course that will prevent any further moisture from rising through it.

The next job is to re-plaster the damaged walls with either a chemical agent that resists mineral salts, or a damp proof membrane that will prevent the new plasterwork from being damaged by any residual salts in the wall.

With decades of collective experience, our surveyors are able to diagnose the cause of any rising damp. Once we’ve targeted the problem area, we will run numerous tests to establish the original cause of the damp. We will then establish the amount of damp that has permeated your walls and offer appropriate, expert advice and solutions.

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